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          Kampung Daun is a small valley that located in the northern city of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia within the neighborhood of Villa Trinity.

          In the past, Kampung Daun was just a place that is imaginary in nature. A small valley that protected and surrounded by a solid rock cliff that represent as a background of natural theater, a choir formed by the strain of gurgling water, mountain breeze that plays bamboo leaves which become a supreme natural orchestral.

          Kampung Daun present something different and unique from the form of art and the value of cultural diversity that created by maestro. This can be felt by every guest that curious to enjoy the priceless creativity and results of nation’s children. The atmospheres of such traditional and romantic village are felt when the sun and the moon were rise and set everyday which colored the leaves and trees in all surroundings areas of the village. The feeling and sensation of indulgence by nature to all guest that visit Kampung Daun will bring such memories and feel like home.

          The figure of the villagers just like a natural dancer that sway lively and shown friendliness to others, present meals that provided by expert in taste and quality which become such attraction that will please your appetite and desire of every guest who visit.

          This is all the simplicity and modesty of life, a small village and natural theatre, “Kampung Daun” that will always want to embrace and gather all wishes and dreams of every guest to become reality.

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will be visiting this place next 2 weeks. looking forward for a great experience in terms of foods and services. hope you will satisfy us. :)

Top! Kampung Daun: Jl. Sersan Bajuri Km 4,7 No.88–RR1 Bandung, West Java. Phone: +6222-2787915 +6222-2784572 | Open Daily: 11am–11pm / Holiday: 11am–12pm
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